Everyone Has a Story

‘House’ Rules …

figure House Everybody LiesOne of my favourite sayings is, “Everyone has a story.” I started to intone it in response to the popular House credo. What did House mean when he said, “Everybody lies”? Do you agree with the following explanations? Will you add to my list?

  • You seek something from me or someone I know.
  • You want to save face or help me to save face.
  • You forget and need to gather your memory.

figure House Oops“You’re lying!” The accusation focuses on the negative. It shuts down conversation. How do you continue an open conversation after that? That said, I will admit that I have met one or two people, with whom continued conversation seemed pointless.

… May Not Apply

“Everyone has a story.” The statement allows me to keep asking questions.

  • I may discover that we seek the same goal.
  • I do not win by making you look bad.
  • I sometimes forget too.

Our internal narrative explains our intents and actions to ourselves. It affects our ability to interact with those around. Engaging with our stories informs me how to align with my environment. Learning your story helps me to relate. In this new blog, I will ask how we tell our stories.

Everyone has a story. What is yours?

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