I Remember It Well

In an earlier post, I admitted that I sometimes forget—enough that my wife and I joke about I Remember It Well, as performed by Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold.

In that post, I also mentioned the House credo, “Everybody Lies.” He sometimes explains his credo by blaming amnesia caused by Korsakoff’s syndrome, which is a rare disorder caused by a vitamin B1deficiency. In his opinion, all patients should be treated as if they have this disorder.

figure invisible gorillaMaybe my forgetfulness is caused by something a little more mundane. The Invisible Gorilla describes surprising myths about our ability to remember.

  • Distorted memory: You and I may remember the same event but have completely contradictory memories.
  • Change blindness: A photographer may fail to notice a recently placed water bottle.
  • Failure of source memory: You might recall an event to me so vividly that I remember it happening to me.
  • False memories: You might remember facts that have been suggested to be true.

After I read recent studies that memory and imagination are closely related in the brain are true, I started to repeat another saying, “In my imagination …” Perhaps I just need to work on my imagination instead of trying to improve my memory. What does that say about my desire to pursue a career in writing?

We all forget, and perhaps Hermione Gingold’s memory is more indicative of her own belief in the myth. When have you remembered something; only to have later realized your memory was not true?

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