Here Be Dragons

Today, I continue to follow a path that I embarked on last summer. And four weeks ago, I began this blog to fulfil a Technical Writing assignment; intending to follow a weekly posting schedule. The weekly post quickly fell by the wayside, but my goal lays before me.

  • My initial concern: “I [might] have nothing to write.”
  • What actually happens: I think too much about what I write.

My participation in Blogging 101 provides a framework through which to practice my writing because, although I write well with identifiable parameters, I fall short of my expectations when I explore new territories with my writing. Here be dragons.

Questions Expressed, Answers Sought

During early adulthood, I related to a limited variety of friends.

  • Work friends, typical of system administrators and developers in Information Technology, preferred to relate about technology, including on-line gaming, but I desired to break away from that focus.
  • Church friends socialized with others who held similar beliefs, but I felt disconnected from their assumptions.

Middle age finds me with new friends who have refreshing preferences, beliefs and assumptions. I want to ask questions—to understand—but I fear my own exploration of preferences, beliefs and assumptions will offend long-term or new friends. My writing allows me to examine those questions.

As I consume media—television, novels, and social psychology—I  learn about myself and the world around me.  As I write, I ruminate on what I have learned. As I find others who explore their social world through writing, I hope to connect.

Career Renewed, Skills Tested

As I eventually complete my Technical Writing studies and begin searching for new work, this blog also forms part of my resume. Finally, this blog allows me to evaluate my progress and discern how I may improve. Is that a tall enough order?

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